Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Not a Cat

My understanding of football is sort of like my understanding of calories.

With football, teams want to go to the opposite end of the field. It can, apparently, get more complicated

But that's the basics. (i also understand there are fouls. which i can't really comprehend in a tackle sport, but whatever.)

With calories, more is bad. At least, as far as I can tell.

So... that's good right? Twenty-five is good?

In both cases my ignorance is purposeful.

I'm not sure what I'm protecting myself against with refusing to comprehend football (long conversation with football nerds? having to go to games? actually liking it?), but I think my motivation for not understanding calories is pretty obvious.

For example, when I'm drinking chocolate milk (the chocolate milk that everyone has spent the past four months telling me is delicious, the one i bought even though i don't really like chocolate milk, the one that helped me discover... i really don't like chocolate milk). And the girl sitting next to me tells me not to look at the nutritional facts until I'm done (in that same warning voice everyone uses when i say that i'm enjoying the coolish temperature and everyone says, "just... you... wait"). I can look at the nutritional facts right then with relative composure, feeling pity for the girl who understands them and not thinking about my rapidly expanding thighs.

So I'll have to agree that, to a certain degree, ignorance is bliss.

But just to a certain degree. The degree that covers understanding football and calories, but misses the incredible quirkiness of Doctor Who, the crunch of bell peppers that came off the plant ten seconds ago, and the fact that scarves are not fashion statements. They're actually useful.

There are things I don't want to know about. Probably. I can't think of too many. I actually want to know about most things. I want to know about black holes (did you know, they aren't actually holes? they're objects of such incredible mass that their gravity draws everything to it. you can't hit a black hole, but if you get sucked to close you'll be falling infinitely towards it, because its gravity is so insanely powerful that it bends time). I want to know about how to fix cars (there isn't a class for that at my college, can you believe that? i mean considering the seriously weird college courses available, i fell like a car fixing course wouldn't be too out of line). I want to learn about the ideology behind horror movies, and how to make apple sauce, and...

Curiosity killed the cat, but I'm not a cat, so I should be OK, right?

(plus, didn't the cat have nine lives anyway?)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

one of those days

Hey Peoples.

I don't have anything to say today.

Shocking, I know. I'm usually so chatty. That's because I'm supremely good at complaining. I should win an award or something. Preferably an award that involves a scholarship, broadway tickets, or ice cream.

I don't particularly feel like complaining today though. I feel OK (as in, not like I'm going to throw up). I had fun last night. I have a vase of basil on my counter. Basil is beautiful. It smells good. My wedding bouquet is going to be basil.

I don't have class until two today. And it's my only class. So I did dishes (my kitchen is clean! ish...). I read some Aristotle ("it is pleasure that moves us to do what is base, and pain that moves us to refrain from what is noble"). And ate raisin bread. That I baked.


So today is a good, lazy day. The kind that does not encourage complete sentences, but fragments that drift in and out of consciousness.

My to-do list is long but not urgent. So I'm sitting at my kitchen table, smelling the basil, listening to people who have British accents sing. I may go read a book for fun (what book should i read for fun? thoughts?) or I might make something truly delicious for lunch.

Oh! The possibilities!

This is one of those posts I think about not posting, because, really, why? But I'm going to anyway. Because it's one of those days. Yay!

Man. Three exclamation points in three sentences... I'm going to be mad at me about that tomorrow. But not today. I wish you days like mine, my friends. Everyone should have them every so often.